Our projects are designed to generate predictable cashflow for lenders and investors and to maximize positive economic impacts in the communities where we work. 

Millennium Microgrid Ziwa Tanganyika

Lighting the Lakeshore

Millennium Microgrid Ziwa Tanganyika (MMZT) is a joint venture organized in Tanzania that is owned by Millennium Microgrid and Friends of Lake Tanganyika, a Tanzanian NGO based in Kigoma whose mission and purpose is to address environmental, social, and economic challenges facing the Lake Tanganyika Basin. Together we are working to electrify a portfolio of 17 villages in the region by deploying solar microgrids.

In order to complete this work, we're seeking investment from one or more investors who want to create positive social and environmental impact while earning attractive returns. Please contact us to learn more.


The portfolio will result in about 20,000 new electrical connections and will bring clean, affordable electricity to 100,000 people. Households will be able to light up their homes, conveniently charge their mobile phones, and power small appliances, all while spending less than they currently pay for candles, kerosene, diesel, and phone charging services.

Resources shared by villagers will also benefit from connection to the microgrids.  With access to clean electricity, they will no longer have to depend on dirty, expensive diesel generators or go without any power at all. Schools will be able light classrooms and power tablets or computers.  Dispensaries can keep the lights on to treat patients at night and power refrigerators to preserve vaccines and medicines.  Village administration buildings, churches, mosques, and market centers can power lights, loud speakers, and electronics at low cost and without harming the environment.

Productive Use of Electricity

We're working to kick-start sustainable economic growth made possible by energy access, laying the groundwork prior to project completion. So that entrepreneurs are ready to take full advantage of new opportunities as soon as the electricity is turned on, we're providing information and training about equipment powered by electricity that they can use to improve their businesses or create new ones.  We're also engaging with micro-finance institutions to provide micro-loans to business owners so that they can invest in the equipment they need.

Empowering these “productive use” customers is not only beneficial to the community, it is an important aspect of ensuring the financial viability of our projects, balancing out demand to keep rates low while still providing desirable investor returns.